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Free Alternatives to WPMU DEV Plugins

When purchasing from WPMU Dev, I don’t think you’re not paying for quality plugins… I think you’re paying for the support you will need in order to use WPMU Dev plugins.

With the price on WPMU-Dev support (*remember tech support cost you both time & money) I believe people are better off spending their money & on books or eLearning lessons on WordPress.

As the saying goes: If you catch someone a fish they will eat for a day. If you teach someone to fish they will eat for a lifetime.

If you are thinking of purchasing software from IncSub / WPMU Dev I’d like you to try some of the following frugal alternatives:

MarketPress eCommerce

MarketPress eCommerce WPMU Dev Plugin“The easiest to use, best designed and most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today – guaranteed.”

If WPMU Dev plugins came with a guarantee (instead of a no-refund policy) I wouldn’t be writing this article.

WPMU DEV Plugin Alternatives

I’m certain that any of These Great Free eCommerce Plugins for WordPress could give MarketPress a run for it’s money though. eShop is quite versatile but does have a learning curve. Woo Commerce is handy and well documented with how-to videos.

Always consider the community and support (forums, instructional videos) that come along with any free WordPress plugin.


Membership WPMU Dev Plugin“A flexible, powerful, easy-to-use WordPress plugin for dividing your website into free and premium content.” And that’s fine and dandy… Except that the plugin itself is kind of wonky to use. I imagine this plugin was great several years ago but it’s nothing I’d want to build a new site with. Try Paid Memberships Pro it’s Free, well supported, and well documented.

Ultimate Facebook

Ultimate Facebook WPMU Dev Plugin“The only Facebook plugin you will ever need: Autopost to your wall or fan page, registration and login, Facebook comments, BuddyPress profiles support and more.”

All that sounds awesome! Only Facebook AWD All in one is free and just as good!

If Facebook AWD doesn’t float your boat…

You can always Try this Free Facebook Plugin for WordPress

Languages for WordPress

Laguages for WordPress WPMU Dev Plugin“A pack of 75 different languages, ready for you to drop into your WordPress site for some serious translation action”

If you want users to translate your blog in to different languages…
Check out Transposh WordPress Translation & IncSub Developers, I know this isn’t your fault. We have all seen projects that get built sideways, tunneled underneath, and otherwise turned in to swiss-cheese… and we all know how much fun it is to work with code that has been to 17 countries before we see it… So, no hard feelings… But wholy-crow, what a mess!

To Sum Up

Before you invest in paid WordPress plugins or themes please think twice. Free themes and plugins are abundant. It may take patience to find the right solution, but it’s worth it.

Please keep control of your web-projects. Invest time learning to use free solutions instead of paid solutions. Data purchases are intangible and very difficult to get refunded. Themes and plugins may look fine and dandy, but beauty is only skin-deep.

You get what you pay for. And the best things in life are free.

The plugins and themes you can find for free can be of higher quality than paid-solutions. Ask your friendly neighborhood web-developer and let them show you a cheaper, better supported, well trusted solution.

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8 thoughts on “Free Alternatives to WPMU DEV Plugins”

  1. I’m looking for an alternative to wpmudev pro sites.
    I’ve tried advanced access manager and so far it messes up my jet pack and only shows up on my subsites not on my main site. I’ve tried their support and they keep avoiding my question about it.
    do you know of an alternative to wpmudev pro sites.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Your best alternative to wpmudev pro sites would be a solid understanding of WordPress multi-site capabilities. WPMU, or WordPress multi-site can be a bit tricky – It give you the ability to activate plugins site-wide or on a site to site basis.

    To host several WordPress multi-site installations is actually really simple. One would log-in to their host’s cPanel and create sub-domains for each of the child-sites – then install WordPress multi-site (which is really just WordPress out of the box with one of the options in wp-config.php turned on) on each one of those sub-domains.

    Manually installing WordPress can be tricky for those who are not so tech-saavy – in which case your host will often have an installer for WordPress such as Fantasico, or Scriptaculous which will install WordPress in a single-click.

    It is often more practical to use several installations of WordPress, opposed to a WordPress multi-site installation. Unless you need to share users across sites (and cannot have users logging in and out of each site) go with multiple installations without multi-site functionality. For managing user roles and capabilities I would recommend this plugin:

    What are the specific features of wpmudev-pro-sites that you want to utilize?

  3. I also am looking for an alternative to wpmudev pro sites. I need a multi-site network as I expect to have more than 200 resellers. These resellers need to have a somewhat customizable site, for their clients. As soon as they register they put in a name for a site, the subdomain will be changed to domain name on my end. My product is a back end platform to make mobile apps. What I am looking for is a plugin similar to prosites but one that can also handle memberships, self canceling, pausing, upgrade/downgrade. I like member mouse but it does not work on multisite. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. My personal preference for paid-subscription sites is paid-memberships-pro. has a sound selection of plugins and code snippets you can enhance the ‘out of the box’ version with. I’m not sure if there’s a way to pause a membership without a little custom coding but all in all I think using PMPro as a network activated plugin would do the trick. You could also tie it in with wooCommerce, coupon-codes, & affiliate tracking.

  5. Very simple custom coding. You’d be surprised how simple software is to configure. You’re often only a copy, paste, and save away from the results you want.

  6. Nice post! I just signed up for WPMU dev thinking I’d just get their plugins and cancel before the month ended, but right away they made me download their dashboard plugin which made me feel enslaved, so I looked up alternatives and found your post. I wish I had done it fifteen minutes sooner, especially now that I’ve read their refund policy.

    I’m setting up the free Paid Memberships Pro plugin right now with multisite support and seems to be what I need.

  7. Thanks Matt – Yes the WPMU-dev dashboard plugin is pretty tricky.

    When I tried WPMU-dev out I downloaded a plugin, which worked as it claimed to – But the next update for it broke it. I then forgot about my account and was billed again the following month.

    I’m glad you like Paid Memberships Pro – They have a good community forum if you’re ever needing help, and loads of add-ons.

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