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Totally Tabular Tabbed Slider WordPress Plugin

Totally Tabular WordPress Plugin Responsive Tabbed Widgets – Aiming to Increase Usability through responsive tabbed-regions & drop-down-menus. Totally Tabular – Responsive Tabbed Widget WordPress plugin This WordPress plugin adds a sidebar which you can then add widgets to. Output the sidebar anywhere in your theme (or post/page contents) using the [tabular] shortcode. Any widgets added to the sidebar will be displayed as tabbed content. Installation Guide: Activate Plugin Visit Appearance >> Widgets & Add widgets to ‘Tabular Sidebar’ Use [tabular]-shortcode Tabular-Sidebar in your WordPress theme, posts or pages. Tabs will cycle automatically & switch between tabs when clicked. Visit Settings >> Totally Tabular to change the speed of the animation …

Graphic Designer vs Web Designer vs Web Developer

Having worked as a Graphic-Designer, Web-Designer, and Web-Developer I thought I might toss my opinion out there as to what’s what, where’s where, and who’s who. Graphic Designer This one is pretty self-explanatory: A graphic designer is a designer of graphics. I wrote a bit about Art vs Design in a previous article. Graphic designers … Continue reading Graphic Designer vs Web Designer vs Web Developer

Art vs Design – Compare and Contrast

Art and Design… We often hear those words together. Finding differences between art vs design can be difficult. ‘Art’ is expression of human thought via any number of mediums. ‘Design’ the logical arrangement of relevant things. Comprehending differences between art and design is the easy-part. Distinguishing between art / design when found together is the … Continue reading Art vs Design – Compare and Contrast