WordPress Shortcode Fundamentals

The WordPress shortcode is a wonderful tool. Shortcodes allow developer to give control of their code-snippets to the WordPress-admininstrators. It let’s developers allow users to place/embed the developer’s code anywhere they like. The developer writes the output, and the user adds the shortcode in their WordPress editor wherever they would like to output that code. … Continue reading WordPress Shortcode Fundamentals

Install WordPress via cPanel Step by Step

Step 1.) Create a sub-domain for your WordPress Install. Login to cPanel Click the ‘sub-domains’ icon, beneath the ‘Domains’ heading Input a name for the sub-domain (the name must be url-friendly) Click ‘Create’ The sub-domain is done. It may take some time before the server publishes the sub-domain This video-tutorial could be helpful Step 2.) … Continue reading Install WordPress via cPanel Step by Step