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  • Twenty Fourteen CSS Tweaks

    Twenty Fourteen CSS Tweaks

    It was time for a new theme and I tossed Twenty Fourteen on… Then, I found this sweet little css input area (yes I’ve seen them before but I tend to avoid them because they overide rules elsewhere in the theme by outputting css inline with the html)… But then I figured hey… this thing…

  • Graphic Designer vs Web Designer vs Web Developer

    Graphic Designer vs Web Designer vs Web Developer

    Having worked as a Graphic-Designer, Web-Designer, and Web-Developer I thought I might toss my opinion out there as to what’s what, where’s where, and who’s who. Graphic Designer This one is pretty self-explanatory: A graphic designer is a designer of graphics. I wrote a bit about Art vs Design in a previous article. Graphic designers…

  • Why I am a Web Designer

    Why I am a Web Designer

    Recently I was asked ‘Why am I a Web Designer?’ I’ve been building websites for 15 years now… There must be a good reason why I do it. Part of me is an artist, and part of me is a technician. As an artist I work in several mediums: graphite, paint, clay, data, & pixels.…