HTML in a nutshell – What is HTML?

HTML is: HTML stands for “Hyper Text Mark-Up Language”. What is mark-up language? The red-pen on your english essay is “mark-up”(sp?). With html, we use tags to denote start and end points (ie: the beginning and end of sentence fragment). The start-point (opening-tag), and end-point (closing-tag) together form an html-element. <p> is used to begin … Continue reading HTML in a nutshell – What is HTML?

Digital Graphic Optimization Techniques

Several file-types are used for web graphic optimization. Each of these file-types (.jpg or .gif for example) has a different way of compressing the graphical data. Tiff type files are non-lossy, they do not compress the graphical-data in any drastic way. Non-lossy or lossless-compression is seldom used in web design because the un-compressed images take … Continue reading Digital Graphic Optimization Techniques

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