Adam McFadyen: Artist & Coder

Victoria BC Web Developer & Artist: Adam McFadyen

I’m @admcfajn, a Web Developer & Graphic Artist in Victoria BC, Vancouver Island Canada.

Computer Programming

memory-game matching sequencing pattern game
Memory-Game is a WIP matching, sequencing, pattern-recognition game. The goal is to match similar cells on a grid in order without clicking cells in the wrong order.

In 1999 I discovered html/css & procedural programming. In 2008 I discovered WordPress and PHP – Since then I’ve worked in PHP, JavaScript, and LAMP stack. I peruse other languages / technologies, including: regex, perl, ruby, java, c#, and python.

Aside from mastering php & javascript, I plan to learn Node.js well over the coming years & continue to study computer science.

I’m looking forward to the day when holograms are more widely available and I get to program some 3d interfaces.

Graphic Art

I’ve been studying graphic art since childhood.

By my late-teens I was fluent in photoshop & html/css & Turbo Pascal… Years of submitting my artwork for review on public-forums had taught me to appreciate criticism.

Before studying web-development, I studied art. Studying art taught me colour-theory, design, layout, and marketing.