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Memory, Matching, Sequencing, Pattern Game

Play Memory-Game Here A matching, sequencing, pattern-recognition game. The goal is to match similar cells on a grid in order without clicking cells in the wrong order. Memory, Matching, Sequencing Game A timed matching, sequencing, pattern-recognition game. Rules Don’t click the same cell twice. Click all cells of one type before clicking a cell with … Continue reading Memory, Matching, Sequencing, Pattern Game

WordPress Shortcode Fundamentals

The WordPress shortcode is a wonderful tool. Shortcodes allow developers to give control of their code-snippets to the WordPress-administrators. Shortcodes developers allow users to place/embed the developer’s code anywhere they like. The developer writes the output, and the user adds the shortcode in their WordPress editor wherever they would like to output that code. For … Continue reading WordPress Shortcode Fundamentals