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  • Dabzo Interaction Twentyfourteen Child Theme

    Dabzo Interaction Twentyfourteen Child Theme

    * Updated for twentyfourteen v:1.2 * I built a WordPress Twentyfourteen child-theme for this site recently. It’s nothing special but has a couple of design tweaks which I think work well. In this child-theme I’ve also tweaked the seo a bit – 5-10 h1 tags per page just didn’t look right. Also, I was terminally […]

  • Some Free Vector Graphics

    Some Free Vector Graphics

    I was planning on selling these vector graphics on one of those stock-graphic sales sites but I found the whole uploading process to be a little much. So I’ll give them away here. I’ve posted these previously on my art site but I imagine visitors here could use them too. This happy pirate cartoon vector-graphic […]

  • Font Awesome Icon Viewer Form

    Font Awesome Icon Viewer Form

    I ran in to the problem a while ago that I needed to use a Font Awesome icon in a design-comp. In retrospect I should have downloaded and installed the font… Instead I made a form where users submit the name of the icon they want to view.